Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Yard Maintenance Tips

Even though summer just ended, it's the perfect time to start getting your lawn in shape so it looks better than the last year. Fall brings with it beautiful leaves and cooler temperatures that are perfect for getting some yard work done and repairing blemishes won't look as noticeable against the browning grass and leaves. Here are a few tips for maintaining your lawn in the fall.

Rake the Leaves: This should go without saying, but raking the leaves will ensure that you grass continues to get sunlight throughout the fall. It's especially important to rake them before it rains because fungus could form and kill your grass. Dry leaves are also easy to clean up with a leaf blower.

Mow Your Lawn: Keeping up with mowing your lawn is important during the autumn months because it will continue to grow until it gets very cold. You'll also want to lower the height of your mower so that the grass doesn’t have to supply nutrients to long blades. This will also help prevent any rodents from forming homes underneath the snow in the winter.

Aerate the Soil: Fall is a great time to aerate your lawn since you won't be using it as much over the next few months. It will give your soil more oxygen and help bring new layers of soil up to the surface.

Fertilize: Fertilizing your lawn in the fall will ensure that your grass has proper nutrients throughout the cold winter months when those nutrients are scarce.

Fix Bald Spots: Similar to fertilizing, getting a head start on fixing any blemishes or bald spots in the early fall will get those spots growing now and looking perfect in the spring.

Get Rid of Weeds: Weeds will be sucking up all the nutrients they can to prepare for winter, so giving them a few sprays of weed killer will be most effective in the fall. Pair that with a few months of cold temperatures, and you won't be seeing those weeds the following year.

Winterize Trees & Shrubs: Don't forget your landscaping! Trees and shrubs need some care to prepare for winter as well. Doing a bit of pruning will help your trees look ready in the spring. Limiting their water intake is also a good idea to encourage the leaves to fall off and your plants to get ready for winter. carries a wide selection of parts and supplies for power lawn care tools including chainsaws, blowers, and lawn mowers. Visit our store for our complete selection of aftermarket parts.

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