Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Walk through our outdoor power equipment warehouse

HL Supply office and warehouse at 873 Hull Rd, Unit 6, Ormond Beach, Florida 32174 is open to the public. So sometimes local customers do come to us directly and purchase their outdoor power equipment parts. We are pleased to see our regulars and new customers each time. Y'all are remarkable. 

In this video, I'm walking through our headquarters and small engine parts warehouse. «« [Tweet This Phrase]

This will give you a glimpse into the offices of our sales and management personnel, how our Web marketing is organized, and where your small engine parts come from. 

(00:35:93 in the video) Here's the Web marketing office. We produce Web pages, and stuff for social media here, including the new YouTube video embedded on this blog post. 

Those who repair outdoor power equipment can buy small engine parts and other outdoor power equipment parts for repairs from us in person, over the phone, or from our Web site. We are very pleased to help you out.

But here's where the real action is.

(1:21:57 in the video) We fulfill your orders from our massive warehouse full of everything you need for your outdoor power equipment repair

In most cases, your small engine parts and other outdoor power equipment parts are shipped the day you buy 'em. Matt will receive an alert about your purchase right away, either from the Web site automatically, or from the sales desk when orders are called in. This way, your parts can be located, picked from the shelf, and prepared for shipping that day. 

Put Matt to the test. Place your order now .
Toll Free: 855-456-4299
Local No.: +1 386-256-4891

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

3 Reasons Power Washing is Considered Extremely High Risk Business

A power washing business, even though it might seem like as safe as any other field of work, actually brings with it a complex environment full of risks of a different nature. A business which provides services in the area of power washing can be set up relatively easily in terms of training and equipment. The key component of any power washing business is the machinery which produces the high-pressure flow of water.

The high-pressure H2O stream is the basic element in this heavy-duty cleaning process. In the power washing industry, these machines, along with the broader hazardous work environment, make pressure washing an extremely risky business in every sense of the word. Here are the exact reasons which make it so problematic and dangerous to all involved.

Power Washing Damage

1. A power washing business is more likely to cause damage to a property than any other services oriented company available to the general public or commercially. In fact, it produces more damage than all other services combined. An average power washing business produces more damage than any plumbing, roofing, painting, electrical, carpentry or lawn maintenance business. What? Yes, it's a fact. It is easy to see how this immediately results in more expenses to anyone's company in that line of work.

Physical Hazards While Power Washing

2. A power washing business exposes their staff (and customers) to many physically hazardous items. It includes a constant presence of machines that have moving parts, heat, harmful water pressure, working surfaces that are slippery, and an exceedingly noisy environment.

Power Washing Toxins

3. Furthermore, elements such as chemicals, soaps or detergents, sanitizing solutions, and degreasers, all of which are proven to have adverse effects on the human body, may be present. This is the reason why Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) should be explicitly reviewed and understood by all those who are on a power washing job site.

Any business in this line of work should be prepared with their contractor liability insurance and should be ready to provide proof of that and other insurance. Their insurance should cover any property damage or bodily injury that the same company caused accidentally to the customers, their family members, employees (in the case of a commercial location) or the very property on which the work is being completed. The same power washing business should also cover workman’s compensation that provides funds for injuries that the contractors produce on themselves or on their employees.

Some states do not require contractor business below a certain size to have Worker's Comp, but in any case, a policy certificate may be demanded from any contractor before work begins. Finally, any accident that involves the contractor equipment should be thoroughly examined and documented, because in a case of an accident, the contractor might claim that the client’s faulty equipment (for example, a customer’s ladder from which a contractor fell) lead to their injury. Such situations can result in an insurance clash and a long and bitter lawsuit battle. This is the reason why no one should provide their contractor with anything. Contractors should provide everything including tools and machinery.

Thanks to these facts about power washing business, it is easy to see why the same field of business is considered so dangerous and risky. Each item above can be costly to a business.

Speaking of costly. What about the expense of the equipment in the first place. Your power washer is expensive outdoor power equipment. When power washers fail, should you just replace 'em? No! Why would you? Small engine repairs  are easy and small engine parts are readily available here. It is way more cost effective to repair than replace. Probably faster too. Repair small engines, and be back on the job faster, so you lose less money.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Two Compelling Reasons You Should Buy Lunch for Your Friendly Small Engine Parts Supplier!

I follow Kevin Price's writing at "The Price of Business". I always considered Mr. Price to be a rather smart man. Now? What do I think of him now?

Well, I think he's a really smart man.

Kevin wrote five days ago about something pressing, and only ONE of you has taken action. Must not be readers of business magazines. You see, it doesn't matter if you're a certified arborist, tree service, a pressure washer, a lumberjack, OPE parts store, or a small engine mechanic. If you ever have to buy small engine parts from nice people, you'll have wished you took heed.

Kevin Price's Recommendation

According to the honorable Mr. Price, You Should Buy Us Lunch! Maybe not all of us here at HL Supply. How about just me? Yeah, that would be nice. There's a great pork pit just 2 miles from HL Supply offices here in Ormond Beach, FL. How about next Tuesday?

In Kevin's article of May 14th entitled, "How To Get The Best Deal With Your Suppliers," he wrote that in order to have a good relationship with your supplier, communication is the key. «« [Tweet It!]

The number one good reason why you should buy lunch is, as you know, you and I have not been communicating well. You have NEVER left a comment here on our Blog. Please Leave a Comment!

What better way to communicate with your supplier, than a blog comment? Oh, I know: How about over a nice lunch? I'm not just reading that into his suggestion. In his infinite wisdom, Kevin actually wrote, "It all starts with a healthy communication, based on mutual respect. You all know how important networking is to your business. Well, the same should extend to your suppliers. Take them out for lunch,..."

So the second good reason lunch should be on you is to get good pricing on your small engine parts.

Now, there's probably other wise words in that article, but I kind of went foggy when I read that you all should buy us lunch. I'm not even hungry right now, but it made me think. HL Supply keeps prices low every day for you. Lunch is the least you could do!

(Ahem, his other noteworthy suggestion was to pay on time.)