Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ryobi Carburetor Adjustment Tool

Carburetor adjustment is a critical component of small engine repair and maintenance – be it a chainsaw, or a weedwacker. Every engine, from your car to your lawnmower, uses a carburetor to regulate the mixture of gasoline and air that enters the engine. Over time the carburetor can become clogged with dirt, grass, and other debris and generally wear down, causing the air/fuel ratio to become out of sync. When this happens, the engine will not run optimally – or at all. A damaged carburetor or one in need of maintenance can cause the engine to overheat and over-consume, which can lead to permanent engine damage.

At HL Supply, we offer a full range of tools to keep your engine in top form. Each carburetor has a corresponding tool based on the type of socket it uses. One of the most popular choices is our Ryobi carburetor adjustment tool. Featuring a “pac-man” socket, this tool allows for the adjustment of the carburetor on most Ryobi, Homelite, and select brands of chainsaws and trimmers. You can determine your carburetor type simply by looking at the screws found at the top of your carburetor and choosing the appropriate tool – in this case, there is a small divot into the socket which makes it unique. This tool is intended for dealers and repair shops with proper training in making adjustments to carburetors. Adjusting a carburetor requires some knowledge and experience with small engines – if you’re an individual, there are alternative options available for home use.

No matter what tools you need to get the job done, from a new carburetor adjustment tool for a Ryobi weedeater to full engine block replacements, HL Supply delivers what you need. Visit our online store today or call us at 855-456-4299 for assistance in choosing the right products for your needs. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Stihl vs. Husqvarna – The Right Brand for You

Ford or Chevy? Coke or Pepsi? No matter what you’re buying, there’s always at least two stand-out brands – brands which dominate the market and create divisions between consumers. Gather a room filled with Ford and Chevy owners, and they can easily spend all day debating amongst themselves which brand of trucks are superior. Coke and Pepsi drinkers will attest that their cola product is the superior one. While the products are similar, there are small differences between each product and brand which creates these alligances.

In the world of chainsaws, the two dominant brands are Husqvarna and Stihl. Gather a room for forresters and landscapers, and chances are that most of them will prefer one of these two brands. Fans of each brands have a legitimate case as to why their brand is better and why they prefer their Stihl or “Husky” over other saws. There’s really no way to tell which brand you’ll prefer, and which model you’ll prefer, then to try them out yourself – even within the Husqvarna and Stihl product families, there is debate as to which models have the best performance. However, there are some general guidelines to each brand that might help in assessing which brand will suit your needs best

Stihl chainsaws tend to operate at a lower RPM with most of the power and torque delivered in the lower end of the RPM band. This makes for the most consistent cutting performance through tough pieces of wood. Husqvarna tends to use a turning pattern which runs at a higher RPM and allows for a quicker final cut, allowing them to cut out of the way fast.

• In general, Husqvarna has been more active in the consumer market – offering several models for professionals and homeowners alike. Husqvarna chainsaw parts tend to be easier to get on short notice because Husqvarna saws are commonly sold through retailers such as Sears. Stihl is limited to authorized dealers which may cause some inconvenience, but ensures a high level of service.

• Both brands have robust communities surrounding them, and there are many sources for Husqvarna and Stihl replacement parts – and there are some common issues to be aware of on each. Many Stihl models have an issue with rubber engine mounts corroding, while many Husqvarna models will eat through chains quicker than their Sithl equivalent.

Our best advice is to find a power equipment rental store, and try a few different models out before determining which product is right for you. There’s no right or wrong – it’s all personal preference. Be sure to visit us at HL Supply for small engine repair parts no matter which brand you choose!