Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Black Friday Small Engine Parts

Not only will HLSupply offer you some great Black Friday small engine parts prices, we'll offer many shades of BlackFriday pricing! We can't do 50 Shades, 'cause there isn't enough time now. We do have time to do eight though. So, how about Eight Shades of BlackFriday?

Starting 7 days before Black Friday, we'll advertise 8 Shades of BlackFriday. This year, black friday falls on November 25th. Thanksgiving is on the Thursday before it, that's the twenty fourth. (Hope you have a happy Turkey Day on Thursday by the way.) In order to lead up to Thanksgiving day with more happiness, HLSupply will go on a price discount spree for 8 days.

Of course we'll keep the happiness rolling after thanksgiving with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We'd sure love to keep the discounts coming for fifty days, but we can't think of Fifty Shades of Black!

Black Friday Deals on Small Engine Parts

Bouncing ideas around with the boss, we came up with these 8 shades of black:
  1. Dark Grey Friday - November 18th
  2. Almost Black Saturday
  3. Not Quite Black Sunday
  4. Back in Black Monday
  5. Never Go Back Black Tuesday
  6. Darth Vader Black Wednesday
  7. Burnt Black Turkey Thursday
  8. Black Friday.

What items will be discount priced on those days? Time will tell. You'll find out soon enough if you're on our V.I.P. List of sale notices. Get on it. Be in the know! Once you're on the list, we'll email notification of sales prices to you so you can get items on sale before other people can run down the inventory.