Friday, February 28, 2014

Best Chainsaw Models for Home Use

The large majority of chainsaw users aren't professionals—they simply use their chainsaws around their home's yard to prune landscape, cut down small trees, or cut up the occasional fallen tree. Generally speaking, home use chainsaws are going to be on the lower end of the power spectrum with a short bar. Read on for 5 of our favorite homeowner chainsaw models from Stihl, Poulan, Homelite, Poulan & Jonsered.

Husqvarna 240e

With a 38.2 cc engine displacement and the ability to handle chain bars from 13 to 16 inches, the Husqvarna 240e is right in the homeowner range. The 240e includes a couple features that the 240 doesn't. First is has Husqvarna's "Smart Start" starter and engine which allows the saw to be started with minimal effort, which is great for homeowners that are looking for a low hassle product. It also includes a built in chain tensioner, so no tools are required when you need to tighten the saw chain.

Poulan P4018

If you're looking for a little bit more power, the Poulan P4018 is a great option, weighing in with a 40 cc engine displacement and an 18" bar length. Another feature that is useful for homeowners is the automatic chain oiler that keeps the chain lubricated throughout your work. Poulan also throws in a carrying case that is useful for storing your saw.

Stihl MS 211 C-BE

Similar to the Husqvarna 240e, the Stihl MS 211 C-BE features Stihl's own quick start technology, Easy2Start™, and also a quick chain adjuster for tightening your chainsaw's chain without any tools. It's important to note that Easy2Start is designed for a leisurely pull—you risk flooding the engine if you pull too hard. At 35.2 cc, this saw is slightly less powerful than the other options, but Stihl's products are designed for use in professional settings, even on their less powerful saws. If you're concerned about power, you can upgrade to the Stihl MS 250 with a 45.4 cc engine and many of the same features as the MS 211 C-BE.

Homelite UT10660

The Homelite UT10660 is a 38 cc chainsaw with a 16 inch bar and a number of features that homeowners will find useful. The automatic oiler, vibration isolation, and chain tensioner all make this saw easy to use on any job. Homelite also includes a removable "Safe-T-Tip™" on the tip of the chain bar that prevents users from cutting with the tip of the saw, which can result in kickback.

Jonsered CS 2240

Jonsered makes some of the most homeowner friendly saws out there. Weighing in at 9.48 pounds it's the lightest chainsaw on our list and with a 40.9 cc engine, has enough power for any job around your home. The CS 2240 also includes the tool-less chain tensioner, a one push stop/start switch, and a quick starting pull cord. The air filter cleaning system also makes the saw easy to maintain.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

4 Handy Chainsaw Tools

Proper chainsaw maintenance often requires specific small engine and chainsaw tools that aren’t found in a normal toolbox. If you’re a professional or avid chainsaw user, keeping these tools handy will give you the peace of mind of knowing that you can address most problems with your saw and keep it regularly maintained to run smoothly during every job.

1. Chain Sharpening Tools

There are several ways to sharpen a chainsaw, but no matter what method you choose, it’s important to keep your chain sharp. The simplest and most versatile tool to carry with you or keep in your toolbox is a file. If you have the luxury of a garage or shed with a workbench, a vice will make sharpening your chain much easier.

2. Clutch Removal Tool

When your clutch or drive sprocket needs replacing, you will need a clutch removal tool, and typically the exact tool you need is dependent on your saw’s make and model. Most clutch removal tools come with a 19mm nut fitting so that you can easily attach a socket or bar wrench to remove the clutch. The following tools are available from HLSupply:

3. Carburetor Adjustment Tool

Carburetors occasionally need to be adjusted for the engine to run properly. The exact tool you use is dependent on the make of your chainsaw. Many of these tools are available to certified maintenance and repair centers only, but they can often be found second hand through many sources. If you are a certified repair technician, check out our selection.

4. T-Wrench

A simple tool to have on hand is a t-wrench. T-wrenches can serve many functions. This wrench, for example, has a 19mm and 13mm socket wrench and a flat head screwdriver. For quick maintenance jobs, this is one of the handiest tools around.

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