Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Scored! It's a Winning Outdoor Power Equipment Forum

A couple of weeks ago, almost on a whim, we started a new Outdoor Power Equipment forum. It was a planned whim, as much as whims can be planned, but it had an agenda. A forum's agenda is often to give to the community - the community that is related to a business. So our new forum allows HLSupply to give to the OPE community, by empowering them to help each other and co-mingle with like minded individuals.

The Success of an Outdoor Power Equipment Forum

We have found our little gathering place to be an instant success in both the camaraderie department and in the help department. Many people jumped on right away and began associating with one another, but also talking about fixes and mods to their tools. Some get help with fixes or sourcing parts; some give help in the way of topics, photos or tutorials.

"How did this quick success come about" you ask?