Thursday, January 19, 2023

HLSupply Reviews - Top Rated Outdoor Power Equipment Parts Seller

 When a High Level Supply store like us comes to the market, we come to play nice and fair with everyone and HLSupply reviews around the 'Net prove that we're doing some things right. Our aim has always been to treat folks right, sell good chainsaw parts and replacement parts for other outdoor power equipment that work well at great prices, and ship them quickly. 

Maintaining High Ratings and HLSupply Reviews While Scaling

We always had 5 main goals that have really helped us maintain high ratings and stellar HLSupply reviews: 

  1. Be honest
  2. Sell high quality parts
  3. Keep prices fair
  4. Treat customers well
  5. Ship immediately

HLSupply Maintains High Standards Despite Higher Volume and More Employees 

The more a company sells, the more customers are dealt with, and more chances of problems arise. 

In our HUGE WAREHOUSE in Daytona Beach, Florida, there are hundreds of thousands of parts ready for you. We employ courteous and conscientious pickers, packers and shippers to fulfill orders accurately on the day that the orders are received*. In the offices, we have shipment receivers, phone sales reps, customer relations specialists, buyers, and management.

Since inception in 2010, our sales volume has risen exponentially, and to facilitate that growth while satisfying the demand of the customer base, we've surmounted a lot of hurdles. We've been tested in software, staffing, warehousing, fulfillment technology, parts R& D, parts supply chain sourcing and all kinds of things that challenge a company on a day to day basis. There are some cases when we are not able to satisfy some customers, that's inevitable for every vendor out there. Through all our sales growth and company expansion, we've met those challenges and still maintained great HLSupply reviews. Thank you, EVERYONE!

HLSupply Reviews In Marketplaces

To add to all our in-store and online growth, we've expanded to several marketplaces where reputations are at stake and standards are extremely high, and being a top rated seller is difficult to achieve. We're all over the Web, and you can see our testimonials in many places.

HLSupply Google Ratings & Reviews

We display a running total of our Google Reviews in the bottom corner of our own website at that is curated by Google from their Merchant marketplace, Maps, and Ads.

HLSupply eBay Ratings & Reviews

We're happy to be a TOP SELLER on eBay receiving 42,892 reviews, 99% of which are positive feedback.

HLSupply Amazon Ratings & Reviews

We sell a bit more here than other marketplaces, and Amazon is a pain to deal with. Nonetheless, we've maintained a 4.5 / 5 star rating there over the years. We get 5 star ratings here 88% of the time. 

HLSupply Walmart Ratings & Reviews

Walmart has been a market of significant growth and growing pains, yet customers give us 89% positive reviews and 4.5 / 5 star ratings overall.

Overall Sentiment About HLSupply in Chainsaw Forums

Chainsaw repair gurus speak highly of HLSupply on forums like where helpful mechanics and chainsaw operators gather. Their opinions matter deeply. 

HLSupply Reviews

All in all, it has been fun and invigorating, and we welcome all HLSupply reviews and take everything into consideration. In the future we will keep up the good work so that customers can have what they want at a price that is fair, as quickly as possible. Keep submitting your reviews folks! You are greatly appreciated. 

*Daily order cut off time is 2pm Monday to Friday, because that's when the delivery companies make their pickups.

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Chainsaw Bag Alert

Recently, while poking around searching for chainsaw parts vendors, we discovered this chainsaw bag for carrying saws with their bar and chain still attached. We've always sold plastic hard-case chainsaw carrying cases in store and online, and it seemed a logical way to carry a saw mostly because of the sharpness of the teeth on the chain. However, we think these softer chainsaw bags are quite handy and valuable. 

Toting a chainsaw around in a hard case is a bit cumbersome, and when empty, you need to store that plastic carrying case somewhere that it won't "walk away", if you know what I mean. A chainsaw duffle bag, on the other hand, is easier to conceal. Not only is storage of the empty tote bag much easier than a hard case, but it's lighter to lug around the field. It's just easier to carry a saw in one of these.

We find these handy chainsaw bags, as pictured below, to be very convenient, waterproof, unbranded, easy to store, and not expensive. Dark enough to not get covered in dirt on the first day. Available in all black and in red. 

Unbranded Chainsaw Bag

Unbranded is good, because it won't matter if your saw is a Husqvarna, Stihl, Echo, Shindaiwa, McCulloch, Craftsman, Ryobi, Dewalt or whatever. It really doesn't matter. This is just a plain good way to carry a chainsaw. Heck, you're probably already wearing a hat with that name brand on it right now, so you're already representing. Haha!

Another reason why using a no name tote to carry your saw is good idea, is that it's less noticeable, so less likely to get pilfered. Consider one of these chainsaw bags to be part of your security strategy.

Waterproof Chainsaw Bag - Solid Chainsaw Storage For Home Chainsaw users or Lumberjacks

If only there was a chainsaw bag that would be made of tough enough material to carry a saw with the bar and chain on, instead of the dumb plastic boxes. Oh wait! There is one! You're lookin' at it (above).

Made of heavy duty oxford cloth, a tote bag like this should withstand the test of the work for which it's intended. Suitable for homeowner saws and for pro arborists and tree services to use while felling trees on job sites.

Lug your saw around without the angry plastic case bangin' into the side of your leg all the time, toss it into the open bed of your truck in exposed weather, unzip it and pull that pride and joy out for work. EASY! 

  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Made of heavy duty oxford cloth, durable, wear-resistant and waterproof.
  • Portable design, you can carry it anywhere by hand.
  • Long zipper design makes it is easy to store and take out your chainsaw.
  • Great storage bag to protect chainsaws from dirt and dust and avoid being accidentally scratched.

I think you'll love this tote bag for chainsaws. We do.

TL;DR Why do we love the duffle bag for saws idea? They're waterproof, light, easy to carry, stealthy, cooler than a box, inexpensive.

Shut Up & Take My Money

Full Disclosure: We'll get a little wee commision if you buy one, but that's not why we're sending you over there to buy one... they're just cool.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Recession Spending on Chainsaw Parts

Daytona Beach, FL There may be some indication that there is a growing trend of recession spending on chainsaw parts and other outdoor power equipment parts. At HLSupply, revenue in the second quarter of 2022 may indicate that the pending recession (or is it already current?) might indicate that hard working folks are spending on parts to repair their yard and tree machines instead of buying new equipment when there are breakages or deficiencies. In April and May, outdoor power equipment parts sales at HLSupply were closer, though still far below the same months of 2021. However, in these first 6 days of June, sales of chainsaw parts et cetera are almost equal to the first six days of June 2021. Are people being more cost conscious with their outdoor power equipment expenses due to the recession? Is the everyday person watching expenses of all other things similarly due to the recession? It seems that everything points to the decision to buy chainsaw parts and fix your equipment is wiser than buying new. Why? Inflation is too high now, and on top of that there are still factors effecting prices and delivery times due to COVID, while equipment manufacturers are raising their new equipment prices frequently and yet HLSupply prices of chainsaw parts and other parts are mostly the same. Inflation is way up with great effect on the cost of living, gas prices are up a lot, and we are still in a housing bubble. Will that bubble POP soon too? Sadly, the guesstimates are "YES". Some argue that the recession isn't here yet. Others have concluded that certain economic facts indicate that a recession is looming. Still others claim the recession is already upon us. This may get worse than it already is now in mid-2022. Leave a comment below about your spending habits during a recession. Do you cut back on anything? If there are tools of your trade or hobby or lifestyle that require a little more attention than just plain old maintenance, such as repairs or replacement, what will YOU do? Can you even afford to put gas in your chainsaw right now? LOL I mean $4.75/gallon of regular 87 octane fuel is outrageous. Right?

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

WOW! This Arborists Forum Is Really A Fantastic Arborist Site

Tree Surgeons and Arboriculturalists alike will appreciate this new Arborists forum. It's where tree surgeons, arboriculturalists, lumberjacks, firewood gatherers, loggers, can contribute tutorials and photos or videos of their chainsaw work along with tips and tricks for tree climbers, plus lots of other fun. New tree climbers can feel comfortable to ask questions here too, and nobody reigns supreme as "the one to fear".

We at HLSupply have a lot of customers who are in the tree business. We are a world-leading aftermarket and OEM parts provider for all makes of chainsaws for your fix-up projects and we know a lot of commercial arboriculturalists. By and large, the arborists that we know, like to speak with others in their field and help newcomers to their profession. Many have questions, many have answers, so it’s great that they have a FREE online place to gather and communicate.

Read on to discover the link to where this arborist site is. It’s NOT where you think.

If the arborist forum you’re on is too full of distracting ads, and under new ownership or newly managed with too many fees, this new arborist site will be a fantastic place to move and resume your chainsaw lifestyle.

Why Participate On This Arborist Forum?

If you are a chainsaw enthusiast, or professional lumberjack, or do it for sport; if you want to fix or modify a chainsaw, or run a repair business; if you work in the tree industry, then we recommend this arborist site where you can interact with suggestions, questions, answers and examples of tree work. Photos and videos are welcome, it’s a clean and friendly environment, and has very helpful people who want you to succeed.

You won't find a lot of crap about cars, cats, and porn; it’s about chainsaws and trees, managing forests and land, and milling your lumber or cultivating firewood. It’s an arborists forum that is HLSupply approved!

Arborists Discussions

Tree work is a grueling business, so perhaps a new place to blow off some steam is in order after a hot day in the trees. Want to discuss arborist business ideas and marketing techniques? Want to learn how to become an arborist? wondering about arborist certification in your area? Got a beef about your arborist salary? Come over and get involved in the conversation.

This is a good arborist site.

We Love Our Arboriculture Professionals

HLSupply helps tree climbers and arborists everyday with product questions and mechanical help, and replacement parts. We love chainsaw related discussions that we have on the phone with each of the pros we serve, and we love goofing around a lot too.

Take our word for it, for a new place to go, that is just like talking to us on the phone, pros in the tree industry can carry on conversations and share videos and photos online at this arborist site.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Husqvarna X-Cut® Narrow Kerf Saw Chain

Introducing the Husqvarna X-Cut® saw chain. After years of research, development and live tests, the Husqvarna X-Cut® chain is finally here. The slit (kerf) made by cutting with a chainsaw that is equipped with this chain is very narrow, and will require less engine power (and physical muscle power) to run it than a standard cutting system. We encourage you to try it. Throughout the X-Cut design and the manufacturing process, every facet of the X-Cut® chain has been extremely refined. With this chain you get outstanding sharpness straight out of the box, and that sharpness lasts longer before filing is needed.

What A Husqvarna X-Cut® Narrow Kerf Saw Chain Will Do For YOU

This chainsaw chain will enable you to work longer without re-tensioning, because the X-Cut® chain is pre-stretched at the factory. Imagine not being slowed down by tedious, constant adjustments. Consequently, the risk of damaging your saw due to a slack chain is decreased significantly. Wear on the cutting system of your chainsaw will be reduced, and so will the need for service. Less chain stretching equates to less tedium for you and less risk to your chainsaw.

Here's Partly How Husqvarna Achieved Such High Durability

Wear on the cutting system of your chainsaw will be reduced, and so will the need for service because a precisely balanced combination of materials and manufacturing processes have resulted in the X-Cut® chain’s excellent, dynamic durability. 1) It has been made with optimal heat treatment. Husqvarna has developed a unique method for the X-Cut® chain’s hardening. This process involves optimal heat treatment and cooling – creating an incredibly durable structure on the molecular level. 2) The micro-structure of the steel is not too hard, not too soft. The chrome layer applied to it is not too thick, not too thin. The steel and the chrome have been precisely defined on a molecular level to ensure this chain’s high sharpness and cutting capacity. 3) Speaking of cutting efficiency, the X-Cut® chain is designed to cut faster and smoother right out of the box. It's easy to understand that with your cutting efficiency improved, less of your own physical effort is required to make each cut and that certainly makes the job easier on your body in a day's work. You'll see it in your results. 4) Small, arrow-shaped channels in the links transport oil to the X-Cut® chain during operation, guaranteeing superior lubrication. The result is less wear and tear on your Husqvarna chainsaw. 5) A saw chain’s cutting angle is critical. The tighter the angle, the higher the sharpness – however, if you overdo it, the cutter will lose sharpness and break. With the X-Cut® chain, Husqvarna has found the perfect angle.

9 Reasons Why YOU Should Run A Husqvarna X-Cut® Narrow Kerf Saw Chain

  1. Sharpness That Lasts
  2. Low Stretch
  3. High Durability
  4. Optimal Heat Treatment
  5. Efficient Cutting
  6. Optimal Cutting Angle
  7. Precision Chrome and Steel
  8. Superior Lubrication
  9. Less Physically Demanding

Buying Pixel Chains

The difference between a pixel chain and regular chain the width of the cut they make (kerf). You can not run regular chain on a Husqvarna pixel bar if it involves mixing guages, but you can use .050 guage pixel chain if the bar is .050 guage. Where some folks get messed up is when different language and abbreviations are thrown in, such as PICCO which can be the same as calling it pixel. This is not the same as Low Profile, although there are Narrow Kerf versions of LP. Any of these will work on a give bar of the same gauge and pitch provided you don't try to use narrow kerf on a standard kerf bar. Pixel bars and chains are narrow cutters and are good for lower powered saws because they make less work load. You can run normal .325 .050 chains on a pixel bar. But you can not run a pixel chain on a normal bar because the bar would be too wide and would stop you from cutting when it hit the wood. If you did install a pixel narrow kerf chain on a normal kerf bar and tried to cut wood, it wouldn't cut past the chain depth. The slit or kerf that the pixel chain would be cutting would be smaller than the width of the bar, so the bar would get stuck. Remember the traditional jargon and measurements of chains when purchasing: pitch, gauge, and number of drive links. Then add the fact that they're low profile, narrow kerf, then their shape (chisel, semi-chisel), cutter spacing (full complement, semi-skip, full skip), include any low-kickback features, special grinding angles, carbide tips. Anytime you change a chain, you just have to verify that the sprocket and bar are compatible, and that there aren't any clearance issues with the saw itself. Get all the info at today.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Google Alert - Stihl Chainsaw

Stihl Chainsaw
Daily update January 18, 2017
4, at approximately 6 a.m., unknown persons broke a window at Farmers Rentals and Power Equipment, 678 NC Hwy 105 Ext. They then stole 7 Stihl ...
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stihl chainsaw
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Stihl MS271 chainsaw
Have for sale a nice, used Stihl Farm Boss series ms271 chainsaw, 20 inch bar and chain, saw is rated at 50 cc's, bar cover, bar does have some wear ...
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Google Alert - Husqvarna chainsaw

Husqvarna chainsaw
Daily update January 17, 2017
husqvarna chainsaw
husqvarna chainsaw Orange in color its has a 18 inch blade runs great needs a primer butten im doing it for 260 is Best offer At top cash pawn at ...
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Husqvarna Chain Saw
Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw with 16 bar and spare chain. This is a homeowner saw and lightly used. About 4 years old. Starts and runs great. Located a ...
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Husqvarna 340 Chainsaw
Husqvarna 340 Chainsaw. Closing Date: 16-January-2017 @ 12:12 p.m. EASTERN TIME. Remaining: 0 days 2 hours 21 minutes. Quantity: 1 (each).
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