Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Chainsaw Racing in MN

As the self appointed HLS chainsaw GTG attendee, I rolled into Rush City, MN at 4pm on July 23, 2016 to witness friends with saws compete in various classes of chainsaw racing. There were folks from a widespread area of America present.

Here's how it all went down.

In January, @SarahDodgeGeek and @AndyDodgeGeek (Sarah and Andy are shown in this photo) announced that they would once again host a chainsaw GTG at their place in Harris, MN. As in the past 4 years, they'd move their crowd over to the county fair, the location of the actual chainsaw racing.

By the way, the hosts, Sarah and Andy, have "DodgeGeek" in their screen names because they have a bit of an addiction: old Dodges. They either fix 'em to be pretty, or run 'em lookin' as they found them. Their daily driver is not a rat rod, but it looks original, though it is now a 4x4.

Chainsaw Racing At the Fair

Of the 40 or so visitors at their place, probably half competed in the chainsaw racing at the fair. In the rain. Everyone was friendly and had beaucoup fun cutting wood. Plenty of wood was cut for sure. Visitors from the past GTG had shirts saying, "Stand back, I'm about to cut on!" Yeah, there was a lot of camaraderie.

The county fair put up plaques for winners, and HL Supply put up OPEforum tee shirts. Everyone was happy — even in the rain for over half of the event.

The Chisago County Fair is a very rural setting. There were some small rides, some food vendors (loved the funnel cake), and surprisingly, a classic rock band (not Country). Oh, and lots of livestock. So yeah, it's a great location to put on a chainsaw racing exposition. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate as far as the audience was concerned. Contestants didn't care though. They all carried on in the rain and mud.

Andy had just finished a sturdy cant stand to hold some very heavy trees prepared for the competitions - greater thicknesses for more powerful class saws. Plenty of firewood was left afterward.

Chainsaw Carving

On the sideline, Chad from CarvingForChrist put on a show of making anatomically correct bears appear out of tree trunks. Chad's a great spirit, with eclectic background. He's been a chef, restaurant owner/manager, small engine mechanic, and carver. A very talented chainsaw carver from Kansas. He takes his show on the road for certain events. Mostly for charities' fundraising. Chad's been a good customer of HLSupply for a few years. He even added some ideas of parts in demand that we could add to our inventory. Thanks for the tips Chad!

All in all we were very pleased with the turn out, and so were the Dodge Geeks. Looking forward to meeting more sawyers at future chainsaw racing events. (West KY is next in the fall.)

Parts & Help
If you need to get your saw running fast for chainsaw racing, look up our chainsaw parts here, or get advice and tips on http://opeforum.com/forums/chainsaws.33/. Want to go to a chainsaw GTG to see some chainsaw racing? You'll find some posted here: http://opeforum.com/forums/chainsaw-gtgs.67/ and here is a bit more written about what to expect at a chainsaw GTG.

Hope to see YOU at a chainsaw GTG sometime. Cheers!
— Steve (a.k.a. @exCanuck on OPEforum.com)

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Chainsaw Muffler Mod

Let's face it folks, current chainsaws are built for EPA emissions requirements, not speed and power. These days, they're so choked off that you wonder if they really produce the horsepower advertised on the box.

If you feel that your saw is lagging, which you will, you should first consider modding the muffler. Caution: You may want to wait until the warranty goes bye bye before you try any chainsaw muffler mods.

The whole idea is to reduce exhaust restriction. The first things you should try are:

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Chainsaw Get Togethers

What's a Chainsaw Get Together? In a word: Camaraderie. And saws. Okay, that's two words.

Let me paint the picture for you.

At the end of last month, April 24, 2016 to be exact, there was a one day chainsaw GTG event that had been promoted on OPEforum.com. That was where the GTG was announced and coordinated. It was a gathering in New York, hosted by @166 (Steven Fitzgerald) and his crew from The Cutting Edge (FastCutting.com). A lot of guys on the forum who are into chainsaw mods, repairs and complete overhauls, or just work with chainsaws, talked it up for weeks.

Chainsaw GTG Chatter

There was a ton of chatter in the weeks leading up to the event on

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Scored! It's a Winning Outdoor Power Equipment Forum

A couple of weeks ago, almost on a whim, we started a new Outdoor Power Equipment forum. It was a planned whim, as much as whims can be planned, but it had an agenda. A forum's agenda is often to give to the community - the community that is related to a business. So our new forum allows HLSupply to give to the OPE community, by empowering them to help each other and co-mingle with like minded individuals.

The Success of an Outdoor Power Equipment Forum

We have found our little gathering place to be an instant success in both the camaraderie department and in the help department. Many people jumped on right away and began associating with one another, but also talking about fixes and mods to their tools. Some get help with fixes or sourcing parts; some give help in the way of topics, photos or tutorials.

"How did this quick success come about" you ask?

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Stihl Carburetors

Giving ourselves a little pat on the back: We are proud that you all have made us a leading supplier of high-quality aftermarket Stihl carburetors. Whatever type of carb you need for whatever equipment, we hope you will find it quickly in our Stihl carburetor section.

Even though our carbs and other essential replacement parts are at rock-bottom prices, there's no sacrifice in quality. In the product descriptions, you can see how much lower our prices are compared to suggested retail prices. If you stock up for your shop, you may qualify for

Monday, December 21, 2015

Increase Sales by Generating Word of Mouth Advertising

Word of mouth advertising is one of the lowest cost of entry, most profitable means of increasing revenue. There are several ways to entice word of mouth advertising from people you encounter, whether they do business with you themselves, or not. It's rather easy too. Word of mouth is advertising without even spending on print, TV, radio or Web ads. You can't beat it for cost, or for power. Word of Mouth Advertising can be in the form of a testimonial, a review, or a recommendation, even mentions in casual conversations.

A word of recommendation from one friend to another packs a way bigger punch than an ad that you'd have to pay for. Think of what you and your staff could do to get people, whether they're customers or not, to talk about you to others. Click to Tweet That Profound Statement]

Increase Sales by Doing Extra

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New Outdoor Power Equipment Forum

Now accepting new members in the OPE Forum!

Do you, or does anyone you know, have any questions about outdoor power equipment repair or operation? OPEforum should be the place to find industry related answers. You're invited to post questions, answers, user manuals, parts lists, "how-to" tutorials, or whatever.

There should be posts in there about everything to do with outdoor power equipment, small engine repair, etc. If there is something you're looking for, and it's not in there, go ahead and add it yourself. Of course you'll have to register first. (free)

There'll be conversations about every aspect of every industry that uses or is related to outdoor power equipment. Once you're in, you can converse with anyone, whether they're in your industry or not. It's not only for giving and receiving help, but also for camaraderie.

Why We Launched An Outdoor Power Equipment Forum