Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Recession Spending on Chainsaw Parts

Daytona Beach, FL There may be some indication that there is a growing trend of recession spending on chainsaw parts and other outdoor power equipment parts. At HLSupply, revenue in the second quarter of 2022 may indicate that the pending recession (or is it already current?) might indicate that hard working folks are spending on parts to repair their yard and tree machines instead of buying new equipment when there are breakages or deficiencies. In April and May, outdoor power equipment parts sales at HLSupply were closer, though still far below the same months of 2021. However, in these first 6 days of June, sales of chainsaw parts et cetera are almost equal to the first six days of June 2021. Are people being more cost conscious with their outdoor power equipment expenses due to the recession? Is the everyday person watching expenses of all other things similarly due to the recession? It seems that everything points to the decision to buy chainsaw parts and fix your equipment is wiser than buying new. Why? Inflation is too high now, and on top of that there are still factors effecting prices and delivery times due to COVID, while equipment manufacturers are raising their new equipment prices frequently and yet HLSupply prices of chainsaw parts and other parts are mostly the same. Inflation is way up with great effect on the cost of living, gas prices are up a lot, and we are still in a housing bubble. Will that bubble POP soon too? Sadly, the guesstimates are "YES". Some argue that the recession isn't here yet. Others have concluded that certain economic facts indicate that a recession is looming. Still others claim the recession is already upon us. This may get worse than it already is now in mid-2022. Leave a comment below about your spending habits during a recession. Do you cut back on anything? If there are tools of your trade or hobby or lifestyle that require a little more attention than just plain old maintenance, such as repairs or replacement, what will YOU do? Can you even afford to put gas in your chainsaw right now? LOL I mean $4.75/gallon of regular 87 octane fuel is outrageous. Right?