Friday, September 27, 2013

5 Best Chainsaw Modifications & Hacks

Gas chainsaws are versatile—considering they are powered by small engines, there are dozens of ways you can modify them by removing the engine and using it for some other application. We searched around the web for the coolest chainsaw modifications we could find and came up with 4 cool hacks from creative tinkerers. Check out our list and let us know in the comments if you have seen any other cool mods!

5. Chainsaw Flashlight

This chainsaw hack that we found on is an alternative to a gas powered generator flashlight. While it might not be the most practical flashlight for nighttime due to how loud chainsaw engines are, it's still a cool mod that you can do at home yourself if you’re handy. Obviously a chainsaw drives a bit more power than is needed to power a light bulb, so this hack takes some significant modifications to a chainsaw engine.

4. Chainsaw Scooter

A chainsaw scooter makes a little bit more sense—with a small engine motor, you can get enough power to get a scooter moving pretty quickly. This particular mod was done using a 27cc chainsaw engine and is powerful enough for an adult to ride. We can’t promise this one is street legal in your town, though.

3. Chainsaw Twin Engine Go Kart

Add another engine, and you have a serious go kart. Again, chainsaw engines are loud, but this modified chainsaw engine go kart looks like it drives and handles almost as well as any other go kart.

2. Chainsaw Bayonett

This is the only modification on the list that actually uses the saw bar and chain. You may have seen this modification in movies and videogames, but firearms accessories company Double Star created a functioning chainsaw bayonet. The modification is intended in case of a zombie apocalypse, of course.

1. Chainsaw Motorcycle

One or two chainsaw engines seems like a reasonable amount to make a modded chainsaw engine vehicle, but how many more can you actually add? Dolmette managed to make a chainsaw motorcycle using 24 of their engines. This makes for an extra-long motorcycle with 170 horsepower and a tedious visit to the gas station. provides aftermarket chainsaw parts for leading brands including Stihl, Husqvarna, Partner & more. Visit their store for the complete selection of power tool parts, supplies & accessories.

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