Monday, December 21, 2015

Increase Sales by Generating Word of Mouth Advertising

Word of mouth advertising is one of the lowest cost of entry, most profitable means of increasing revenue. There are several ways to entice word of mouth advertising from people you encounter, whether they do business with you themselves, or not. It's rather easy too. Word of mouth is advertising without even spending on print, TV, radio or Web ads. You can't beat it for cost, or for power. Word of Mouth Advertising can be in the form of a testimonial, a review, or a recommendation, even mentions in casual conversations.

A word of recommendation from one friend to another packs a way bigger punch than an ad that you'd have to pay for. Think of what you and your staff could do to get people, whether they're customers or not, to talk about you to others. Click to Tweet That Profound Statement]

Increase Sales by Doing Extra

Doing extra will generate word of mouth advertising in one form or another. Give customers the whole 9 yards. Heck, why not even go the extra mile.

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People might be inclined to promote your shop without letting the you know about it. Shops don't even have to ask customers to do it. Promoting the shop is not something a shop has to ask people to do for them. In many cases they'll do it on their own free will. The shop just has to do extra little things that customers will appreciate.

Let's say there was a customer at your outdoor power equipment repair shop last spring, and you did an overhaul on something - their chainsaw or whatever. Without being asked, you leaned the bar and chain, and re-lubricated the bar and chain for that customer. Then, when the customer picked it up and gladly paid you for the overhaul and chainsaw parts, you pointed out that “little extra” clean & lube to them. They left happier than they would already have been. Good work! <>

Okay, so you did good work, and you got paid. The good deed didn't stop there though. You got some word of mouth advertising. Reciprocity, karma, or “What Goes Around, Comes Around” is set in motion. Would our happy customers be so appreciative that they'd tell others what you did for them? Certainly. When they do talk about you, that's a testimonial, a review, praise, or word of mouth advertising. Those "others" who see or hear about you, would then be likely to become your future customers. When you do the same for those new customers, you multiply the effect. You get a great reputation, and a lot more sales. You even feel better about going to work, knowing you'll have the chance to do something extra and nice for someone.

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