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How to Add Revenue to An Outdoor Power Equipment Business from Social Media Marketing

I've asked many, and I have not found any who wouldn't want to know how to add revenue to their outdoor power equipment business - not small engine repair shops, not outdoor power equipment stores, not service related businesses, or anybody. Nobody I know, would be reluctant to add revenue to their business. To be disinterested in revenue is kind of contrary to the very essence of being in business.

Not everyone in, or related to the outdoor power equipment business is tuned into how to add dollars to their sales. HLSupply would like to help with this helpful series of blog posts devoted to "How to Add Revenue to An Outdoor Power Equipment Business." We'll focus primarily on free or almost free methods of increasing sales without advertising expenses or other typically related costs.

Are you seeing dollar bills? Let's get the small engine in your mind revving.

A Social Way of How to Add Revenue to An Outdoor Power Equipment Business

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A great form of free advertising that translates into how you can build your authoritativeness, or social influence, is the use of today's social media. It's akin to "word of mouth advertising" which is the best there is. I highly recommend that you sign up online for free "social media" accounts. There are MANY social networks that you can join for free. There's more than enough to drive you bonkers, in fact. To keep your sanity, it would be more manageable for you to just open a couple of social accounts at first, until you master them, and then branch out. The three you should begin with are Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. After all, you have to get work done everyday. You can't afford to be playing on social networks all day.

If you had those three main social accounts set up, you could work something onto them every day without taking too much of your precious time. When you grow to be a millionaire with our help, then you can hire people to do this for you! Of course, then it's not free anymore. You won't care though.

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Hope this excerpt on Generating Word of Mouth Advertising helps you. Keep reading about doing extra, to help boost your sales.

How would a social network help boost your sales? Well, what if you posted on your Facebook Company Page a photo and a comment about some li'l extra that you did for a customer? If you posted a photo of your happy customer, the outdoor power equipment that you fixed for them, or a shot of them smiling WITH their repaired tool, you'd attract attention. The interest you want to gain is from comments, likes, shares, culminating in more followers. The more followers you have, the more spreading of the conversations and messages will occur. More trust builds up and eventually so does business.

How does that interest and conversation convert into sales? Long story. The short analogy of it is that it's like being at a party. People talk, others overhear that chatter and chime in. Some others who hear it, relay it into other conversations. Some make mental notes about the participants in the original conversation for future reference. Some want to get involved with the originator right away. Before you know it, everyone in the room has heard a version of the story. The originator becomes more popular and perhaps richer for the experience. The new people that come in contact with the originator also are enriched in some way.

Party conversations are a lot like commerce. The originator or subject of a conversation gains from those who join the conversation. They in turn get something out of the new relationship. Likewise, an Outdoor Power Equipment business starts a conversation on a social network; others chime in and become enriched in some way, and maybe even buy something; or they start to trust the OPE business so that when they need something, they'll turn to that company. You want to be that company. A lot of the commerce is gained from the new trust relationships that are built directly or indirectly.

So, let's pretend you have just done a little extra for someone who came into your shop. You could post a photo and a line or two about it on Facebook, as I mentioned above, and wait for comments to come in. Then you can carry on a conversation with those who left the comments. People who follow those commenters over on their social profile page, will see this going on. If your company is pertinent to them, they might get involved right away, or they might follow your Company Page to discover first hand whatever comes up in the future. Also, they might ask some friend or family who to go to for a small engine repair. If that friend or family follows your Company Page, they'll recommend you.

More of your publicity comes from the others who see your post, than from your actual post itself. They would talk about what you did on their social accounts or in person. When they do that on their pages, or share your post, or comment on it, many others would see. It becomes word of mouth advertising.

Let's take it a step further with some creative thinking.

What if you made a video of you saying you're going to do something special for a customer, and record the li'l extra that you do? Then you could publish that short video on YouTube and add a description of it all. You can gain different followers on YouTube than on Facebook or Twitter. Each social network has their own users and ways of interacting. You want to engage as many people as possible and cannot reach them all with just one social account.

In time your following of potential customers will grow on all of the different social networks. That's a bigger audience to sell to.

There are many ways in which a social presence can greatly benefit your outdoor power equipment business. There's a certain amount of bragging that you can do on your social accounts, if you do it subtly. On social media you don't have to think of it as bragging. It's just an “update”.

Why Social Media Will Add Revenue to An Outdoor Power Equipment Business

In the Web's social media, people look to their friends and contacts to see who they like or who they follow. They see discussions and stuff coming from companies and people that are liked or followed. In those discussions, they may see favorable talk, reviews, or recommendations. They may ask for recommendations, and people who follow them will chime in.

Put your OPE shop out there and become the topic of conversation. They'll pay you for it! Eventually.
Build your reputation of trust and influence. Occasionally intersperse a sales pitch into the flow. That's How to Add Revenue to An Outdoor Power Equipment Business from Social Media Marketing.
Are YOU doing any of these things, or doing it differently?

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