Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Walk through our outdoor power equipment warehouse

HL Supply office and warehouse at 873 Hull Rd, Unit 6, Ormond Beach, Florida 32174 is open to the public. So sometimes local customers do come to us directly and purchase their outdoor power equipment parts. We are pleased to see our regulars and new customers each time. Y'all are remarkable. 

In this video, I'm walking through our headquarters and small engine parts warehouse. «« [Tweet This Phrase]

This will give you a glimpse into the offices of our sales and management personnel, how our Web marketing is organized, and where your small engine parts come from. 

(00:35:93 in the video) Here's the Web marketing office. We produce Web pages, and stuff for social media here, including the new YouTube video embedded on this blog post. 

Those who repair outdoor power equipment can buy small engine parts and other outdoor power equipment parts for repairs from us in person, over the phone, or from our Web site. We are very pleased to help you out.

But here's where the real action is.

(1:21:57 in the video) We fulfill your orders from our massive warehouse full of everything you need for your outdoor power equipment repair

In most cases, your small engine parts and other outdoor power equipment parts are shipped the day you buy 'em. Matt will receive an alert about your purchase right away, either from the Web site automatically, or from the sales desk when orders are called in. This way, your parts can be located, picked from the shelf, and prepared for shipping that day. 

Put Matt to the test. Place your order now .
Toll Free: 855-456-4299
Local No.: +1 386-256-4891

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