Friday, March 13, 2015

How to Stock and Reclean Your Workroom to Prepare for Spring Projects

Organizing your garage workshop prior to the spring is the perfect time to set it up for all the projects you’re planning when the weather gets nice. We’ve got some pro tips to get you started!

First of all, if you have not yet taken the time to install a peg board in your shop, now is the time to do it. Space savers are always essential for a busy workroom, and a peg board is one of the most inexpensive investments you can make. Use large sections that you can attach to the walls to keep large tools easily accessible. You can also make small peg board panels to hold your levels, hand saws and hammers. By nailing a few pieces of trim as guides underneath your workbench countertop, you can slide the panels in and out when you need a small tool.

Clearing the Clutter

Getting objects that occupy floor space out of your way can make your workshop seem larger than its actual size. Using the ceiling and the walls can accomplish this goal well. For example, the ladder, which is usually in the way, can be stored overhead with ceiling brackets. Unless you use the ladder regularly, this is a great way to use your space more wisely.

Overhead space is also a handy place to suspend storage bins for holiday items like decorations and strings of lights. Pick up some large plastic tubs from your home improvement store, and clear some space by moving them only one time. To incorporate wall space for organizing your yard tools, screw two rows of short lengths of two-inch PVC pipe to the wall. Place one row about one foot from the floor and the second row about two feet above it. You can stand your shovels, rakes, hoes and other garden tools there where they can dry.

Lining up Your Drill Bits

Mount two magnetic strips on a length of 1 x 2 board. Then you can let your drill bits and screwdriver bits line up in a row where you can see them. The width of the board, when attached to a flat surface, allows you to pick and replace the ones that you need.

Storing Pipe

With two pieces of latticework suspended from the studs in your workshop, you have slots that are the perfect size for holding your copper or PVC pipe. You can see each length, and you can choose the one you want without moving the pieces that are in your way.

And there you have it! You’ve just provided yourself a large, easy and convenient space for working on whatever project you desire. So rev up your chainsaw and start working!

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