Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Replacing Your Engine vs Getting a Tune-Up

replacing chainsaw engine
Should you consider replacing your chainsaw’s engine, or is it just time for a regular tune-up? That depends on a few different factors. The chainsaw carburetor is critical to all types of engines and chainsaws are no exception. When the carburetor is adjusted correctly, your chainsaw produces maximum power and the engine will have a longer life. Minimal smoke is produced and the motor idles smoothly.

Now, when a chainsaw’s engine is poorly tuned and the carburetor is poorly adjusted, it’s a different story. The fuel doesn’t burn well (due to the air/fuel mixture ratio), causing a poor power stroke and lots of smoke. Over the long term, the engine will be damaged. Outside of carburetor adjustments, there’s also the matter of old stale gasoline or having too much oil mixed with the engine fuel.

If you’re still having difficulty, consider replacing the chainsaw carburetor. HLS Supply offers several carburetors within a variety of price ranges. Consider our Original Tillotson Stihl carburetor, or perhaps take a look at our Husqvarana OEM Zama carburetor.

Alternatively, perhaps the issue lies in parts of your chainsaw engine, such as the fuel line or the cylinders. Generally a compression test will be enough to determine whether the engine’s cylinder / piston is in need of replacement. If you’re looking for a cylinder kit, consider the Husqvarna EM Cylinder Kit.

It’s best to make sure that your engine is properly tuned before use. In order to protect your investment, be as proactive as possible in making sure that the above mentioned factors have been reviewed for quality assurance.

Once you’ve tuned or replaced your chainsaw’s engine, your saw is sure to run more efficiently and cleanly. This allows your saw to last longer and require less maintenance and troubleshooting in the long run.

Oh, and here's a good piece on choosing lubricant for small engines, if ya need Lubricant.

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