Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Benefits of Using a Honda GX200 Engine

Wondering which engine you should look for when you’re choosing a generator, golf cart, or even a pressure washer? Consider the powerful and versatile Honda GX200 engine. Capable of generating 6.5 horsepower, the Honda GX200 has a displacement of 3.6 liters of fuel, and it features a crank case that consists of an aluminum alloy and cylinders made from heavy-duty iron. The engine is compatible with a wide variety of vehicles and power equipment, such as golf carts, lawn mowers, pressure washers, generators, agricultural equipment, light utility vehicles and go-carts. Moreover, the motor can also power automobiles and machines that originally contained a GX150 engine.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the GX200 engine’s benefits:

The Design of the Camshaft
The GX200’s camshaft provides better timing for the valves than the majority of engines. This component also allows the valves to overlap one another, and as a result, the engine can use less fuel to generate horsepower, which means money-saving efficiency for you.

The Exhaust System
The motor's exhaust is particularly quiet, yet it has multiple chambers that increase the rate at which the engine removes the remnants of combustion. Furthermore, the exhaust's design allows the engine to produce more horsepower.

Support for the Ball Bearing

The shaft that is positioned near the ball bearing is able to substantially extend the part's lifespan. The component also has the ability to reduce the vibration of the ball bearing while it is spinning.

The Engine's Quietness

The helical gears and the stable crankcase are able to reduce the noise that the engine makes. The component also features a state-of-the-art intake system, which can further reduce rumbling from the engine and decrease the amount of fuel that the motor requires to produce horsepower.

The Carburetor

This part features a thick coating and a large filter that is able to ensure that the engine's fuel is pure and clean. The carburetor is positioned in an iron sleeve, which can prevent dirt and small objects from getting into the fuel. Additionally, the engine's internal system contains two elements that are designed to thoroughly clean the air in the motor.

Controlling the Flow of Gasoline

A valve that is positioned in the rear of the engine is able to regulate the amount of fuel that enters the motor's combustion chamber. If the engine has an overload of gasoline, this component's sensor can temporarily reduce the flow of fuel substantially.

The Starter
The motor is equipped with a recoil starter, and the component has a rope that is especially easy to grip. The engine also features a cutting-edge decompression system that is attached to the starter.

Protecting the Environment
The GX200 engine does not require a catalyst. The part has been certified by the EPA and by CARB, or the California Air Resources Board.

Performing Routine Maintenance

The engine features two drains that are located on opposite sides of the oil pan, which is positioned near the bottom section of the crankcase. Additionally, the manufacturer placed the spark plug in a location that is particularly easy to access.

There are plenty of reasons why the engine can be the ultimate deciding factor when choosing your new vehicle or piece of power equipment. So if you have a choice, you can’t go wrong by steering yourself to the Honda GX200!

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