Monday, July 21, 2014

OEM Chainsaw Parts vs. Aftermarket

When it comes to small engine repair, craftsmen have many options for sourcing the parts they need to get the job done. They can choose from two main ways of getting the parts they need – by ordering them directly from the original equipment manufacturer, i.e. from Stihl or Poulan directly; or from an aftermarket retailer. Aftermarket retailers run the gamut from general parts – simple things like gas caps and accessories that can be found at a big box retailer such as Home Depot, to very specific parts for a very specific machine – a replacement bar for a Stihl 026 chainsaw, for example. Which should you order from?

Aftermarket Suppliers vs. OEM Supplier
  • Cost – Many times, aftermarket parts are cheaper than the OEM equivalent. This can be observed in the automobile parts market, too – because of the competition in the aftermarket industry, prices are often lower than if you were to order from Stihl or Poulan. Advantage: Aftermarket
  • Quality – Aftermarket parts meet or exceed OEM quality standards, using the same materials as their OEM equivalents. For example, all the Stihl replacement parts offered at HL Supply are guaranteed to fit the specific Stihl equipment they are designed for. Of course, the OEM manufacturer knows the machine best, and the parts from the OEM manufacturer are going to be a 100% true replica of what originally came in the machine. Advantage: Draw
  • Speed – If you need a part quickly, you’re most likely better off working with an aftermarket supplier. For example, HL Supply carries thousands of Stihl chainsaw parts and offers next-day overnight shipping. For smaller items you need to maintain your small engine equipment, it’s easier to walk into the Home Depot and buy a new gasket ring or gas cap than to order online. While the OEM company will do everything they can to get you the part quickly, their main business isn’t focused on sending replacement parts quickly – whereas at HL Supply, that’s our sole focus. Advantage: Aftermarket
  • Selection – While HL Supply carries thousands of parts to help in your small engine repair project, nobody can match the range of the OEM manufacturer. There are specific parts and specific models that it doesn’t make sense for an aftermarket supplier to carry – they might be too specific, or parts for models that are exceptionally rare. When you order direct from Stihl or another supplier, they can provide you with basically every part that has ever existed. Advantage: OEM

No matter what the small engine repair project, HL Supply is here to help. Visit us today for a full selection of small engine replacement parts from Poulan, Stihl, Husqvarna and more; or call 855-456-4299 for help in selecting the right parts for your needs.

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